Fiverr Order Cancellation: Everything You Need To Know

Learn everything you need to know about Fiverr Order Cancellation with this comprehensive guide for buyers and sellers. Maximize benefits and minimize impact!


Fiverr is a popular online marketplace that provides a platform for freelancers to offer their services to buyers from all over the world. With a wide range of freelancing services available, Fiverr has become one of the leading platforms for businesses and individuals looking to outsource work.

From graphic design, content writing, to programming and data entry, Fiverr offers a vast pool of skilled talent waiting to serve you. In this article, we will discuss one aspect of using Fiverr that is often overlooked – cancelling orders.

Cancelling orders on Fiverr can occur for several reasons such as changes in project scope or deadlines. It is essential to understand how the cancellation process works on Fiverr because it can affect your reputation as a buyer or seller on the platform.

Explanation Of Fiverr And Its Services

Fiverr offers a diverse range of freelance services that cater to businesses and individuals alike. The platform allows sellers (freelancers) from various fields to showcase their skills by creating gigs- small packages that describe what they offer along with pricing tiers.

Buyers can choose from these gigs according to their requirements and hire sellers accordingly. Moreover, with features like ‘Gig Extras’ that enable buyers to add additional requirements like faster delivery times or more revisions for an extra fee, Fiverr caters excellently towards customisations.

Brief Overview Of Fiverr Order Cancellation

Canceling orders is an inevitable part of using any online marketplace like Fiverr. Whether you are a buyer or seller, there may come times when you need to cancel an order due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or unavailability. On rare occasions, some buyers may even try ordering without reading the gig description thoroughly and require a refund after realizing the service doesn’t match their needs.

When it comes down to cancelling an order, Fiverr provides an entire process that must be followed. Cancelling a project without following the steps can lead to serious consequences for both the buyer and seller, affecting reputation as well as cancellations rates.

Importance of understanding the cancellation process

It is essential to understand how cancellations work on Fiverr because they can affect your account’s statistics and ultimately, your reputation on the platform. Frequent cancellations can negatively impact your account standing and level, which in turn affects your visibility, and it becomes harder to get orders. Additionally, buyers may lose their funds if they cancel orders outside of Fiverr’s guidelines.

Sellers are bound by these guidelines too; failing to follow them could result in a lower rating from buyers who might leave negative reviews or refuse to continue working with them. Thus understanding the cancellation process is crucial for all users of Fiverr; whether you are looking for freelance services or selling them.

Why Canceling Orders is Necessary

Cancelling an order on Fiverr is not something that anyone wants to do, but sometimes it becomes necessary. Buyers and sellers on Fiverr find themselves in situations where they must cancel an order, and this article will explain why. Cancelling orders can help prevent negative reviews, save time and money, prevent misunderstandings, and maintain a positive reputation for both buyers and sellers.

Reasons for cancelling orders on Fiverr

There are several reasons why someone might need to cancel an order on Fiverr. One reason is that the buyer may have provided insufficient or incorrect information about the project requirements, making it impossible for the seller to complete the project properly.

Another reason could be that the seller has missed a deadline or made a mistake in the work, making it necessary to start over from scratch. In some cases, buyers may also change their minds or realize they cannot afford the service.

Examples of situations where cancelling an order is necessary

Let’s say you are a graphic designer who has been hired by a client to design a logo for their business. After you send them your first draft of the logo and receive feedback from them indicating what they wanted changed in the design, you work hard at revising it according to their specifications.

However, after submitting your revised design work back to them again – they still aren’t satisfied with your work; in such cases – both parties would benefit from cancelling that order. Another example would be if you are running late with your deadline as a seller due to unforeseen circumstances like sickness or family emergencies – even if this was out of your control – at times when communication between parties fails – cancelling an order would be beneficial for both parties involved as there might be no more time left for completing it before its closing date.

How cancelling an order can benefit both the buyer and seller

Cancelling an order on Fiverr can benefit both parties in different ways. Firstly, it saves time and money.

Instead of wasting time arguing or attempting to fix a project that cannot be fixed, it is better to cancel the order and move on. Secondly, it prevents misunderstandings.

Misunderstandings about project requirements or deadlines can lead to disputes between buyers and sellers, which could be avoided by cancelling the order rather than continuing with a project that may not meet everyone’s expectations. Additionally, cancelling an order allows you to maintain a positive reputation on Fiverr.

By cancelling orders when necessary, buyers and sellers can avoid negative reviews that could damage their reputation and prevent them from receiving future orders. Cancelling orders is necessary in certain situations; however, it should be avoided whenever possible to maintain good relationships between clients/sellers on the platform.

The Cancellation Process on Fiverr

When you find yourself in a situation where cancelling an order on Fiverr is necessary, it’s important to understand the cancellation process. Cancelling an order can be done by either the buyer or seller, and there are specific steps and guidelines to follow. The first step is communication between both parties.

If a buyer or seller feels that they need to cancel an order, they should communicate with one another to try and resolve any issues before resorting to a cancellation. If communication cannot solve the problem, either party can initiate the cancellation process.

To cancel an order on Fiverr, go to your “Orders” page and click on the relevant order. Next, click on “Resolution Center” and select “Cancel Order.” From here, you can choose a reason for cancelling the order such as “mutual agreement,” “buyer/seller request,” or “late delivery.” Once you’ve chosen your reason for cancelling, you’ll be asked if you want a partial or full refund.

Explanation Of The Different Types Of Cancellations

There are three different types of cancellations: mutual cancellations, seller cancellations, and forced cancellations.

Mutual Cancellation

Mutual cancellation occurs when both the buyer and seller agree to cancel the order. Mutual cancellation is the preferred way to cancel an order because it doesn’t affect either party’s completion rate. However, it’s important to note that mutual cancellations can only be initiated before the order is marked as complete.

Forced Cancellation

Forced cancellation occurs when one party requests to cancel an order without the other party’s agreement. Forced cancellations can have negative consequences, as they can affect the completion rate of the party who didn’t initiate the cancellation. Forced cancellations can occur for a variety of reasons, such as the seller failing to deliver the order on time or the buyer violating Fiverr’s terms of service.

Seller Cancellations

In this case, sellers can initiate a cancellation without penalty. Forced cancellations occur when neither party can reach an agreement and Customer Support has intervened by initiating a cancellation themselves.

Tips For Communicating With Buyers/Sellers During The Cancellation Process

Effective communication is key during any stage of a project on Fiverr – including during the cancellation process. Here are some tips for buyers and sellers to communicate effectively during a cancellation:

  • Be clear and concise in your communication. Do not leave room for misinterpretation.
  • Be respectful and professional in tone, even if the situation is frustrating. – Clearly state your reasons for cancelling the order, and listen carefully to the other party’s concerns as well.
  • Try to come to a mutually beneficial resolution before resorting to a cancellation. By following these guidelines, you can navigate the cancellation process on Fiverr with ease and professionalism.

Cancelling Orders as a Buyer

What Buyers Need to Know Before Requesting a Cancellation

As a buyer on Fiverr, it’s important to know that requesting a cancellation should be your last resort. Cancelling an order can have consequences on both your account and the seller’s account.

Therefore, it’s vital to communicate effectively with the seller before making any decisions. When considering cancelling an order, take some time to evaluate the situation and ask yourself if there is a possibility of resolving any issues with the seller.

If there are issues that are beyond your control or the seller’s ability to fix, then going through with the cancellation may be necessary. It’s also essential to understand that cancellations can only be requested within certain timeframes depending on the type of order made.

How to Request a Cancellation as Buyer

To request a cancellation as a buyer on Fiverr, you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your order page and click on “Resolution Center.”
  2. Select “Request Cancellation” from the options provided.
  3. Provide detailed reasons for requesting cancellation in the message box.
  4. Submit your request. Once you’ve submitted your request for cancellation, it’s important to give the seller ample time to respond and take action if necessary.

What Happens After a Buyer Requests a Cancellation

After submitting a request for cancellation, it’s up to the seller whether or not they accept or reject the cancellation request. If they accept, then Fiverr will refund any money paid for services that have not yet been delivered by closing out the order.

If they reject, there may still be opportunities for resolution through communication between buyer and seller through mutual agreement. If no agreement is reached between both parties regarding delivery of services or refunds after attempted resolution efforts by both parties, Fiverr support can be contacted for assistance.

Cancelling Orders as a Seller

What sellers need to know before accepting/cancelling an order

As a seller on Fiverr, it is important to understand the consequences of cancelling an order. Cancelling too many orders can negatively affect your account’s statistics and even result in a demotion in level.

Therefore, it is important to only accept orders that you are confident you can complete within the given timeframe and with the quality expected by the buyer. Before accepting an order, make sure to carefully read through the buyer’s requirements and ensure that you have all the necessary information or materials to complete the task.

If there are any uncertainties or issues with their request, communicate with the buyer before starting work on their order. If for any reason you believe that you will not be able to complete their request as promised, it is better to politely decline their offer rather than risk having to cancel later on.

How to accept/cancel an order as a seller

When a buyer places an order, sellers will receive a notification and have 24 hours to either accept or decline it. To accept an order, simply click on “Accept Order” in your dashboard or notifications. If for some reason you need to cancel an accepted order, navigate to the “Resolution Center” and select “Mutual Cancellation.” From there, explain your reasons for why you need to cancel (be honest but professional) and wait for the buyer’s response.

If they agree to cancel, both parties will receive full or partial refunds depending on how much work has already been completed. If they do not agree with your reasoning for cancelling or refuse in general then they can take action that may affect your status as a seller.

What happens after accepting/cancelling an order

After accepting an order, make sure to deliver high-quality work and communicate with the buyer throughout the process. If there are any issues or delays, keep them informed and be open to revisions or feedback.

If you do happen to cancel an order, make sure to communicate clearly and professionally with the buyer. Failing to do so can result in negative reviews or feedback which can negatively impact your account’s reputation.

After a cancellation, it is important to learn from the experience and reflect on what could be done differently in order to avoid similar situations in the future. Take this as an opportunity for growth as a seller on Fiverr.

The Impact of Cancelling Orders on Your Account

Cancelling orders can have a significant impact on your Fiverr account, and it’s essential to understand how this can affect your overall performance. Every time an order is cancelled, it affects your account’s statistics, which can ultimately impact your level ranking on the platform. If you are a seller, cancellations can also lead to decreased earnings and lower customer satisfaction ratings, which can hurt your business in the long run.

How cancellations affect your account’s statistics

When an order is cancelled on Fiverr, it affects several areas of your account’s statistics. Cancelling an order will lower your completion rate, which measures the percentage of orders that are completed versus those that are cancelled or delivered late.

A low completion rate indicates to Fiverr that you may not be providing high-quality service or meeting buyer expectations. In addition to the completion rate, cancelling orders also impacts other key metrics such as response time and delivery time.

These metrics are critical for maintaining good communication with buyers and delivering work within agreed-upon timelines. A significant number of cancellations can negatively impact these metrics and make it more challenging to attract new customers.

How Cancellations Affect Your Level

Fiverr’s level system is designed to reward sellers who consistently provide high-quality services and meet specific performance standards. Cancelling orders frequently can cause a seller’s level to drop or prevent them from advancing to a higher level.

For example, if a seller has a completion rate below 90%, they will not be eligible for promotion to Level One status. Similarly, if they have too many cancelled orders or late deliveries, their level may drop or prevent them from advancing in rank altogether.


Understanding how cancellations impact your Fiverr account is crucial for maintaining good standing on the platform. While cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, it’s essential to communicate with buyers and try to resolve issues before cancelling orders.

By providing high-quality services and meeting performance standards, you can maintain a good standing on Fiverr and build a successful freelancing business on the platform. Remember that cancellations are just one part of the overall picture, and staying focused on providing excellent service can help you succeed in the long run.

FAQs Cancelling Fiverr Orders:

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers related to Fiverr’s Order Management, Seller Analytics, and Order Completion Rate:

Can You Cancel Fiverr Orders As A Buyer?

Buyers can cancel Fiverr orders if they haven’t yet been marked as complete. However, buyers cannot cancel orders that are in progress or have already been marked as complete. If a buyer wants to cancel an order, they should try to initiate a mutual cancellation with the seller first. If the seller doesn’t agree to cancel the order, the buyer can contact Fiverr customer support to request a forced cancellation.

Can A Buyer Cancel A Fiverr Order After Delivery?

Once an order has been marked as complete, it cannot be cancelled by the buyer. However, buyers can request revisions from the seller if they’re not satisfied with the work delivered. If the revisions don’t meet the buyer’s requirements, they can request a refund through Fiverr customer support.

How To Cancel Fiverr Orders As A Buyer

If a buyer wants to cancel an order, they can do so by going to the order page and clicking the “Resolution Center” button. From there, they can select “I want to cancel this order” and provide a reason for the cancellation. If the seller agrees to cancel the order, both parties will receive a mutual cancellation request. If the seller doesn’t respond to the mutual cancellation request within 48 hours, the buyer can contact Fiverr customer support to request a forced cancellation.

Can You Cancel Fiverr Orders As A Seller?

Sellers can cancel Fiverr orders, but it’s important to note that cancellations can negatively affect their completion rate. If a seller wants to cancel an order, they should try to initiate a mutual cancellation with the buyer first. If the buyer doesn’t agree to cancel the order, the seller can contact Fiverr customer support to request a forced cancellation.

How To Cancel Fiverr Order As A Seller

To cancel an order as a seller, go to the order page and click the “Resolution Center” button. From there, select “I can’t complete this order” and provide a reason for the cancellation. If the buyer agrees to the cancellation, both parties will receive a mutual cancellation request. If the buyer doesn’t respond to the mutual cancellation request within 48 hours, the seller can contact Fiverr customer support to request a forced cancellation.

Can I Cancel A Fiverr Order After It Has Been Marked As Complete?

No, orders cannot be cancelled by either party after they have been marked as complete.

Can I Request A Refund If I’M Not Satisfied With The Work Delivered?

If the order hasn’t been marked as complete, buyers can request a mutual cancellation or a refund through Fiverr customer support. If the order has been marked as complete, buyers can request revisions from the seller or a refund through Fiverr customer support.

Can Fiverr Customer Support Cancel An Order On My Behalf?

Yes, Fiverr customer support can initiate a forced cancellation if both parties don’t agree to a mutual cancellation.

Does Cancelling Orders On Fiverr Affect My Ability To Win New Business On The Platform?

Yes, cancelled orders can negatively impact your completion rate, which can affect your ability to win new business on Fiverr.

Can I Leave Feedback On An Order That Has Been Cancelled?

No, feedback cannot be left on orders that have been cancelled.

Does Fiverr Charge For Order Cancellations?

Fiverr doesn’t charge buyers or sellers for cancelling orders. However, if a seller cancels an order, they may lose the revenue they would have earned from completing the order.

Do Cancelled Fiverr Orders Affect Your Completion Rate?

Yes, cancelled orders can affect your completion rate on Fiverr. Completion rate is an important metric that Fiverr uses to evaluate a seller’s performance. If a seller has a high percentage of cancelled orders, it can negatively impact their ability to win new business on the platform.

How Long Do Fiverr Order Cancellations Take?

Mutual cancellations typically take 48 hours to process. If the seller doesn’t respond to the mutual cancellation request within that time frame, the buyer can contact Fiverr customer support to request a forced cancellation. Forced cancellations can take up to 10 days to process.

Do Fiverr Cancellations Give You A Full Refund?

If a mutual cancellation is approved, the buyer will receive a full refund of the order amount. If a forced cancellation is approved, the buyer will receive a full refund if the order hasn’t been delivered or if the delivered work doesn’t meet the buyer’s requirements.

How Can I Cancel An Incoming Order?

If you need to cancel an order, you should first try to work things out with your buyer before contacting Customer Support. Use the Resolution Center to cancel the order.

What Should I Do If My Buyer Wants To Cancel The Order?

If a buyer wants to cancel an order, they need to provide a satisfactory explanation and proof before doing so. However, you can’t force a buyer to accept an order delivery if they’re not satisfied. You can continue to communicate with the buyer to see if you’re able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. We also suggest you create a list detailing the work you have done, that compares both your Gig description and the buyer’s order requirements.

What Can I Do If My Buyer Is Not Responding?

If your buyer is not responding, use the order’s page to request an extension with the “Extend delivery date” button. The buyer will have up to 4 days to accept or decline. If the buyer does not respond, the extension is withdrawn, and you can contact Customer Support for further assistance.

Can Buyers See My Order Completion Rate?

No, buyers cannot see your Order Completion Rate. Only you can view your Order Completion Rate. To maintain your level, you need to have a completion rate of over 90%.

Can I Avoid A Cancellation’s Effect On My Order Completion Rate (OCR)?

Yes, in some cases you can avoid a cancellation’s effect on your OCR. For example, if the buyer cancelled while the order was in requirement status, or if there was a mutual cancellation and the buyer reordered within 14 days. In other rare cases, such as fraudulent purchases or buyers ordering by mistake, cancellations won’t affect your OCR. If your order is cancelled under these circumstances, reach out to Customer Support to investigate the effect of the cancellation on your account.

What Should I Do If My Buyer Needs More Revisions/Time To Accept After I’Ve Completed A Gig?

If your buyer needs more revisions or time to accept after you’ve completed a Gig, you can offer additional revisions and extend the delivery time frame via the Resolution Center.

How Can I Manage Multiple Gigs That Are Due At The Same Time?

If you have multiple Gigs due at the same time, you can use the Resolution Center to mutually extend an order with your buyer. If you need extra help managing orders, you can adjust your available hours for the rest of the day or deliver the easiest orders right away. For larger requests, start working on them earlier than you usually would and make any final tweaks during the revisions stage.

How Can I Block A Buyer From Ordering From Me Again?

If you want to block a buyer from ordering from you again, go to the buyer’s profile and click Block. Select a reason from the list and click Submit. You can also block a user by using the report a message feature within your Inbox. Please note that you can’t block a buyer who has an active order with you.

We hope these FAQs have been helpful! If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Fiverr’s Customer Support for further assistance.

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