15 Powerful TIPS On Fiverr Gig Image Size & Optimization 2023

For Fiverr gig images, it is recommended to have a minimum size of 712 pixels in width and 430 pixels in height.

Here are some tips for creating high-selling gig images that are optimized for size in 2023.

For optimal results on Fiverr, it is recommended that your thumbnail image be simplistic in nature for easier comprehension by potential buyers. Additionally, a clear and concise description of the gig will instill confidence in buyers. While photo size is important, it should also be visually appealing and straightforward.

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2) Keep less words inside the gig image

It is recommended to use concise descriptions of your services in gig images, in order to quickly inform buyers of what you offer. The size of Fiverr gig images should also be taken into consideration.

3) Use Creative Colors

Having too many images in a gig image may not result in better conversion rates. Limit the colors used and choose appropriate color combinations instead of using too many colors.

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4) Keep Fiverr Thumbnail Professional

It is important to showcase your professionalism in your Fiverr gig thumbnail by highlighting only your strongest points, as it is the initial impression of your gig.

5) Badges NOT Allowed

Fiverr’s policies prohibit the use of badges and require images to showcase only one’s own services. To avoid any restrictions, it is recommended to keep the images simple.

6) Clickbait NOT Allowed

Using misleading language, or “clickbait,” in your Fiverr gig cover is prohibited. If such language is detected, the Fiverr moderation team may deny or pause your gig, requiring you to start over.

7) Aesthetics Of Fiverr Gig Image

To ensure maximum appeal to consumers, it is recommended to use high-quality photos that are clear and avoid any distortion or pixelation.

Thumbnail images are used for both audio and video content.

To enhance the visual appeal of your gig thumbnail, you have the option to add a video or audio clip. However, it is important to use your own material or approved commercial content.

8) Right; I mean Copyrights

It is important to consider intellectual property rights, specifically copyrights, prior to using commercial photos and movies. It is imperative to obtain explicit consent from the owner before using their content. If the content will be used for commercial purposes, it is necessary to verify the copyright status of the material.

9) Applicability

To make an informed decision about hiring you for their project, buyers need to see your Gig thumbnail and Gallery photographs. Posting irrelevant photos may harm your reputation in the community.

10) Disclose No One’s Phone Number

For compliance with Fiverr’s regulations, refrain from including any form of contact information in your visuals. Communication must occur solely on the Fiverr platform.

11) Only in the event of absolute need

It is recommended to limit the use of example photographs and only include relevant ones for your job. Choosing a video that accurately portrays your work is essential for an effective thumbnail display, and Fiverr has supported this approach.

12) Do not re-use images

To maximize gallery space, it is recommended to use original and accurate photographs that showcase your skills and experience, rather than reusing images.

13) Face the Camera

Knowing who you are working with can provide a sense of assurance for buyers. A professional and appealing image can be a valuable marketing tool. It is recommended to use a high-quality photograph for your profile and gig.

14) Image SEO Done Right

For optimal gig image production, it is recommended to select a resolution of 1280 x 769 pixels and a file name that is relevant to your concert and will appear in search results.

15) Contextually Unacceptable

The Fiverr Community Standards prohibit any content that is considered objectionable, including adult material, hate speech, distressing imagery, discrimination, false news, among others.

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