Fiverr Alternatives: 7 Best Alternatives For Freelancers and Small Businesses In 2023

Discover the 7 best Fiverr alternatives for freelancers & small businesses in 2023. Explore platforms like Upwork,, PeoplePerHour & more!

Beyond Fiverr: Game-Changing Platforms for Freelancers & Small Businesses

In recent years, Fiverr has emerged as a popular online platform for freelancers and small businesses to find each other and collaborate on projects. Launched in 2010, Fiverr offers a vast marketplace where freelancers can showcase their skills and employers can find the right talent for their needs.

Over time, Fiverr has evolved into a comprehensive ecosystem that offers not only gigs but also tools for managing projects, communication channels, payment processing, and more. Despite its success in connecting freelancers with clients from all around the world, Fiverr is not the only player in town.

As competition heats up in the gig economy space, several alternatives to Fiverr have emerged that offer unique features and benefits. Freelancers looking to diversify their income streams or find new clients should consider exploring these alternatives to see which ones fit their needs best.

Why Look for Alternatives?

While Fiverr is a reliable platform for finding work opportunities as a freelancer or small business owner, it is not perfect. Some of the downsides of using Fiverr include:

  • High commission fees (up to 20%) on all transactions
  • Limited control over pricing and project terms
  • Fierce competition from other freelancers offering similar services at lower prices
  • Risk of being scammed or encountering unprofessional clients

For these reasons and more, many freelancers are turning to alternative platforms that offer more flexibility, transparency, and security. The good news is that there are plenty of options available depending on your niche or industry.

In this article we’ll be taking a look at 15 of the best alternatives to Fiverr in 2023. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, so we encourage you to read through the details carefully to see which one might be the best fit for you.

Upwork: The Freelancer Megastore

When it comes to freelancing platforms, Upwork is a name that frequently pops up as an alternative to Fiverr. This platform has been around for quite some time and has established itself as one of the most popular freelancing websites out there. The main difference between Upwork and Fiverr is that Upwork focuses more on long-term projects and freelance relationships.

In terms of fees, Upwork charges a percentage fee based on the freelancer’s earnings. The fee percentage ranges from 5% to 20%, depending on the total amount earned by the freelancer from each client.

This may seem higher than Fiverr’s fees, but it’s important to consider that Upwork offers much larger project opportunities with much higher earning potential. Payment options on Upwork are also quite flexible.

Freelancers can choose to be paid hourly or by project completion, and clients can pay through various methods including PayPal, bank transfer, credit card or debit card. Additionally, freelancers have access to features such as time tracking tools and invoicing systems to help streamline their work process.

Project types available on Upwork are varied and include categories such as web development, content creation, graphic design, virtual assistance services and more. Clients can easily filter freelancers based on their skillset and previous work experience in order to find the right candidate for their project needs.

Overall, if you’re looking for a platform with more long-term project opportunities and earning potential than Fiverr, then it might be worth checking out what Upwork has to offer. Just be prepared for steeper fees compared to other platforms due to its sizeable network of clients looking for top-quality talent. The All-In-One Freelance Platform is a well-known platform that connects freelancers with businesses across various industries and geographies. With over 50 million users, it is one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the world. The platform offers a wide range of services including web development, design, writing, marketing, and much more.

One of the unique features that sets apart from other platforms is its contests feature. This allows businesses to create a competition where freelancers can submit their best work to win a prize set by the business.

These contests are great for creatives who want to showcase their talent and earn money for their work without having to bid on individual projects or attend interviews. Another feature that sets apart is hourly projects.

Instead of working on a fixed price basis, businesses can hire freelancers by paying them an hourly rate for their services. This is particularly useful for complex projects or those that require ongoing support where it’s hard to predict how many hours will be required each week.

In addition to these unique features, offers standard project posting and bidding options just like Fiverr. It also has multiple payment options available including PayPal and bank transfers.

Freelancers can track their earnings and manage their workload using the platform’s timesheet tools and project management software. Overall, if you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that offers both fixed-price projects and hourly engagements with some unique features thrown in as well, then look no further than!

PeoplePerHour: The Platform for Creatives

If you’re a freelancer in a creative field, then PeoplePerHour (PPH) might be the perfect platform for you. Unlike Fiverr, PPH was designed specifically for freelancers who offer graphic design, writing, video editing or other creative services.

The platform is based in the UK but has freelancers and clients from all over the world. One unique feature of PPH is its “hourlies,” which are pre-packaged services that freelancers can offer at a fixed price.

This allows clients to order specific services without having to go through the bidding process. Freelancers can also create custom proposals for clients looking for more complex projects.

Payment Protection and Dispute Resolution on PeoplePerHour

When it comes to payment protection and dispute resolution, PPH offers several options to ensure that both freelancers and clients are protected. For example, when a client places an order on PPH, they are required to deposit funds into an escrow account before work begins.

This protects the freelancer from non-payment after delivering their work. In case of disputes between freelancers and clients on PPH, there is a 24/7 customer support team available to help resolve any issues.

In addition, PPH provides mediation services to help settle disagreements between parties. Overall, PeoplePerHour is a great alternative to Fiverr if you’re a freelancer in a creative field looking for more specialized opportunities with payment protection built-in. The Professional Services Platform is a freelance marketplace specifically designed for professional services. Unlike Fiverr, which allows all kinds of projects, focuses strictly on business-related services such as accounting, engineering, legal services, and software development.

This platform caters to businesses that require more sophisticated and complex projects that demand special expertise. One thing that sets apart from Fiverr is its pricing structure.

Instead of charging a percentage of the freelancer’s earnings like Fiverr does, charges a flat monthly fee for freelancers to gain access to more job opportunities on the platform. The fee varies based on the level of membership chosen – basic or pro – and ranges from 11% to 13% of the freelancer’s earnings after they have completed their project.

Overall, while Fiverr is great for general freelance work and smaller projects, offers a more specialized niche in professional services with higher-paying projects available. If you’re looking to showcase your skills in fields such as programming or business consulting and willing to pay a subscription fee for an expansive client network, then could be the right fit for you as a freelancer or small business owner.

The Pro Package

For serious freelancers who want access to more features and are willing to pay for them every month should consider investing in Guru’s Pro package which costs $39.95 per month with an annual contract or $49.95 per month without one – this package includes everything offered in the Basic program plus extra features such as project management tools (to help manage multiple assignments at once), personalized pitches (to make your proposal stand out), detailed reports about your job performance (which can help you refine your skills), priority customer support (in case you need assistance) and most importantly- free applications so you can apply freely without any additional cost.

The Basic Package

If you’d like to keep your initial expenses low, then the basic package may be the way to go. It’s free for freelancers but they have to pay 8.95% of their project amount as a commission fee to

The basic package offers features such as the ability to bid on 120 jobs per year and five free applications per month. Freelancers also get access to relevant job alerts, so they can stay in the know about new job opportunities that match their skill set.

Toptal: The Elite Freelance Network

As the name suggests, Toptal is a platform that caters to the top 3% of freelance talent in various fields such as development, design, project management, and finance. Unlike other platforms that have an open registration process for freelancers, Toptal has a rigorous screening process to select only the best of the best. This exclusivity makes it an ideal choice for clients who are looking for highly skilled professionals for their projects.

The Screening Process

Toptal’s screening process is one of the most rigorous in the industry. To start with, interested candidates have to fill out an application form that asks for details about their work experience and skills.

After reviewing the application, candidates may be asked to take a skills test or participate in a live interview with a Toptal recruiter. The final stage of the screening process involves going through real-world project simulations to assess problem-solving and communication skills.

The Benefits of Hiring on Toptal

For clients who are willing to pay top dollar for top-notch talent, there are several benefits to hiring on Toptal. Firstly, they can be assured that they’re getting access to highly skilled professionals who have gone through a rigorous vetting process. This means that they don’t have to waste time sifting through applicants or worrying about subpar work quality.

Secondly, because of its exclusive network of freelancers, Toptal has been able to build relationships with some of the biggest names in tech and business such as Airbnb and Bridgewater Associates. This means that clients who hire on Toptal have access not only to talented individuals but also potential business connections.

Overall, if you’re looking for elite-level talent and are willing to pay premium prices for it, then Toptal is definitely worth considering. However, keep in mind that the platform’s exclusivity does come at a cost, and it may not be suitable for all types of projects.

99designs: Graphic Design at its Finest

If you’re a graphic designer, 99designs is the perfect platform for you. It’s a community of designers and clients who come together to create amazing designs. The focus of 99designs is on graphic design projects that vary from logos, websites, packaging design, business cards, and more.

With over a million active designers in the community, it’s no wonder that 99designs is one of the best Fiverr alternatives. What sets 99designs apart from other platforms is its unique design contests feature.

Designers submit their designs to compete for cash prizes offered by clients who initiate contests. This feature allows clients to explore various design options until they find the perfect one that resonates with their brand image or campaign objective.

Designers also benefit from this feature as they have an opportunity to showcase their creativity and build their portfolio. Another standout feature of 99designs is its emphasis on collaboration between designers and clients.

Clients can communicate with designers throughout the project via messaging or video chat to ensure that feedback is clear and designs meet expectations. This level of involvement helps both parties work together seamlessly towards achieving success in each project.

If you’re looking for a platform where graphic design takes center stage, look no further than 99designs. With an easy-to-use interface, unique contest features that foster creativity and collaboration between designers and clients alike, it’s no wonder it has earned its spot as one of the top Fiverr alternatives out there!

SimplyHired: The Job Search Engine with Freelance Opportunities

If you’re looking for a platform that combines freelance opportunities with traditional job search options, SimplyHired might be just what you need. It’s a job search engine that pulls listings from all over the web, including job boards and company websites. But it also includes freelance and contract positions, making it a great option for freelancers who want to expand their horizons.

One of the great things about SimplyHired is that it’s completely free to use for job seekers. You can create an account or simply browse listings without having to pay any fees or commissions.

And because it pulls in listings from so many different sources, you’ll have access to a wide variety of opportunities. In addition to traditional job search features like location and keyword filters, SimplyHired also allows users to filter by contract and freelance positions specifically.

This makes it easy to find gigs that match your skills and experience level. And once you’ve found something you’re interested in, you can apply directly through the platform or follow the link to the original listing.


All of these alternatives offer unique features that set them apart from Fiverr and make them worth considering for freelancers and small businesses alike. Whether you’re looking for more specialized talent, lower fees, or different payment options, there’s something out there for everyone. It’s important to do your research before committing to any one platform – read reviews from other users, compare pricing structures, and consider which features are most important to your specific needs.

But with so many great options out there beyond Fiverr, there’s never been a better time for freelancers and small businesses to find their perfect match in an online marketplace. So go forth and explore these alternatives – who knows where they might take your business or career?


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